The Pine Barrens

a documentary by David Scott Kessler

Bowerbird Presents THE PINE BARRENS with The Ruins of Friendship Orchestra
8:00 pm20:00

Bowerbird Presents THE PINE BARRENS with The Ruins of Friendship Orchestra

This is a free show

Bowerbird is pleased to present a screening of David Scott Kessler's evolving documentary The Pine Barrens: Whitesbog Edition with a live score performance by The Ruins of Friendship Orchestra. Guiding the viewer through the New Jersey Pineland's winding, rust-colored rivers; its dark, sandy forests and slowly developing towns, The Pine Barrens creates a contemplative, complex, portrait of a place out of time. With the Pinelands as a primary character, the film explores the symbiotic yet sometimes destructive relationship between man and nature. It is believed by many that political forces and negligence may contribute to making this century the Pine Barren's last. 

Named for the historic Pine Barrens town of Friendship where the band first practiced together as a group, The Ruins of Friendship Orchestra is a collective of electronic and traditional instrumentalists composing the score to The Pine Barrens concurrently to the film's evolving editions. Ruins perform this score, also an evolving and partially improvised work, live at screenings, merging performance and documentary to create a completely unique experience transporting the audience into our interpretation of this fascinating and beautiful place. 

Michener Art Museum - Documentary Voices Film Series
7:00 pm19:00

Michener Art Museum - Documentary Voices Film Series


$10.00 for Member · $20.00 for Non-Member · $5.00 for Student (w/ Valid ID)

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Documentary Voices Film Series, in collaboration with the County Theater: 

The Pine Barrens
Film screening accompanied by a live score, performed by the Ruins of Friendship Orchestra
Wednesday*, September 28
7:00 PM
$10 Member / $20 Non-member / $5 student with valid ID
Includes Museum admission. Advance registration is required.

County Theater members can call the Michener at 215.340.9800 to register and receive member discount. For more information about films and screening fees at the County Theater, visit their website or call 215-345-6789.

The film will be followed by a Q&A session.

Middle of Nowhere
5:00 pm17:00

Middle of Nowhere

MIDDLE OF NOWHERE explores the personal and cultural relationship between man and nature within America’s remaining “islands” of wilderness; those places most acutely connected to our being but among the most ignored, neglected and misunderstood. What roles do these places have in our modern lives and who do we become when they disappear?

Set at Whitesbog, a 3000 acre historic Pine Barrens village, MIDDLE OF NOWHERE consists of gallery and site-specific contemporary artwork including sculpture, video and sound installation.  The opening evening of September 17th includes music by avant-garde harpist Mary Lattimore and The Last Whippoorwill Bluegrass Band, and concludes with an outdoor preview edition screening of The Pine Barrens, a documentary film with live musical score.

THE PINE BARRENS directed by David Scott Kessler has been in production since 2012 and is in its final stages before completion in 2017.  The film is a meditation on exploration, nature, and place and their roles in the formation of personal and American identity.  It follows several characters over the years, focusing on moments and impressions derived from both extensive observation and the Pine Barrens’ imaginary landscape.  Much like John McPhee’s 1968 book of the same name, THE PINE BARRENS paints a vivid portrait of a distinct time and place in the Pines - one that predicts a potential loss for nature unless action is taken once again.

MIDDLE OF NOWHERE features artwork in the gallery and on the grounds by
Steven Carty, Micah Danges, Shelby Donnelly, John Heron, TJ Hunt, David Scott Kessler, Jesse Kudler, Nick Lenker, J. Makary, Kristen Neville, Nate Ricciuto, Kara Springer, and Steven Earl Weber

Proceeds from the event will contribute to the completion of the feature length film.

Curated by David Scott Kessler and Kristen Neville

Presented by Whitesbog Preservation Trust
sponsored by Bowerbird & Pinelands Brewery


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The Noyes Museum of Art: Pine Barrens: Life and Legends
Sep 30

The Noyes Museum of Art: Pine Barrens: Life and Legends

  • The Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton University

This exhibition offers a look into the Pine Barrens and uncovers what life was like when iron, glass, and charcoal industries dotted the landscape and storytelling was the favorite pastime. Eighteen artists respond to the legends and history of this geographic area in a variety of media. These contemporary sculptors, photographers, painters and multi-media artists present interesting impressions of the region through work rendered in iron, glass, paper, textiles, paintings and film. 

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