The Pine Barrens

a documentary by David Scott Kessler


The Ruins of Friendship Orchestra


photo by Eric Ashleigh

photo by Eric Ashleigh

Named for the historic Pine Barrens town of Friendship where the band first practiced together as a group, The Ruins of Friendship Orchestra is a collective of electronic and traditional instrumentalists. The band has been composing the score to The Pine Barrens since 2012 concurrently to the film's evolving editions.  Ruins perform this score live at screenings of the film.


The Ruins of Friendship Orchestra are:


Ben Warfield -  synthesizer

Laura Baird -  vocals, flute, banjo

Gretchen Lohse - viola

Jesse Sparhawk - harp, bass

John Pettit -  guitar, trumpet, harmonium

Michael Dur - sequencer